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Many entrepreneurs try to make sales immediately. Their advertising is too obtrusive, wich practically does not work. We go on a different way:)


Our primary goal is not to make sales but to take place in our clients’ mind, become their trusted advisor.

In order to engage traffic, we use content marketing.


Step 1. EMAIL Marketing

Do not send traffic from content advertising directly to the web pages where you can make an order. Set so-called squeeze page. Its only goal is to get contact information: name, email and, perhaps, phone number.


Step 2. Press Releases.

Issue press releases on your company’s activity as often as every Tuesday. Releases must not be large – prepare ½ printed sheet sized texts and a few key sentences about the company.


Step 3. Free Consultations, Demonstration, and Samples.

The name speaks for itself. Do not be afraid to give! No one likes to buy a pig in a poke. Everybody wants to take a try first, and then to make a decision on purchasing.
In this case, your marketing must function in conjunction with sales. It is not only about giving a sample, you should then ask continuously and periodically – “Did you like it? Let’s buy the full version. Did not like it? Why? etc…”. Keep in touch, monitor your potential client. Give a client special offers, inform about the new products, campaigns, and discounts.


Step 4. Teach Them Something New

You, as the business owner, have a range of specific skills and experiences that will be interesting for others. You can share your professional experience with the curious public while promoting your services.


Step 5. Arrange Contests, Quizzes.

It is almost the same as cross-marketing, but of more entertaining nature. Every partner performs his own function, makes a contribution – provides awards of various formats and natures, spotlights the event, prints banners, develops the web, works on logistics, shoots photos, supplies meals, clothes etc. However, someone must adopt a role of sponsor and coordinator; for example, you – as the author and creator of the concept (which you send preliminarily to your partners).


Step 6. Present Your Products During Events.

If you promote a certain product and want to attract the audience, the most effective way to do this is to give free samples and gifts during the major promotion.
Find an organization or event managers, who would be interested in participating in such an event or lecture. It will help them to entertain the public, which will be glad to get your products for free, and you will be provided with communication with the target audience in an informal setting, where people will not feel like being forced to buy and will be glad to try out something new.


Step 7. Make Additional Sales to Customers

Think, what accessories for your products can be offered by your salesmen during purchasing? How can you supplement your service?
For example, we recommended the client to teach waitresses in a restaurant simple “chants” – they started (on a mandatory basis) to offer the customers drinks and desserts, unobtrusively recommending the most profitable for the restaurant. “Chants” were changed every 3 days, until we selected the most effective. As a result, the average bill increased by 21,6%. Moreover, it did not cost any extra expenditures! It is even better, if a waitress does not just offer to order a dessert, but brings and shows to the client several cakes to choose from. Almost no one can escape buying something for coffee.