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Experiential marketing

— an advertising method, which, through an interactive experience, encourages the customers to discuss and to interact with your business. It is a highly powerful tool for the companies, willing to make a strong impression on the target audience (for example, event management).

The basis for the experiential marketing is the marketing research – key factor for gaining advantage of the competitors. Conducting the marketing research allows to understand the market situation and to get answers for a variety of questions related to the business.

Benefits of experimental marketing in business:

direct contact with the target audience;


interaction at the right place and time;


study of the cause-and-effect relationship between events;


significant communication opportunities (GIF-pictures, JAVA-games)

References of usage of experiential marketing

Globetrotter’s “bad weather rooms”

A European company, producing sports equipment, provided their customers with a unique opportunity to test their products. In many shops special “rain rooms” were placed for pouring the water over a customer and simulating storm wind.

experiential marketing
Payment by chocolate

This campaign may be the reference for the sweetest customer experience. “Milka” launched an exciting campaign — some chocolate packs lacked a piece. The “lucky customers”, who have bought an incomplete pack, had a choice – either to get the lacking piece by post or to send it to someone else.

рекламное агентство в ташкенте

Our services for development of your business

Creation of a QR-code

QR-code is a two-dimensional bar code, providing information for its prompt identification by a mobile phone camera. QR-code helps to encode any information, such as text, phone number, website link or business card;

Hologram designing

Complex microstructure, which creates visual sensation of the image three-dimensionality. Recording holographic information is made during laser interference footage. Three-dimensionality, iridescence, diversity of optical effects determine product attractiveness and awareness;

Electronic installation

It is a multimedia complex, which consists of specific tools, allowing automated or simplified installation of the software;

Interactive interfaces

The user interface that responds not to touching, but to finger or hand gestures. It is not needed to use any particular output devices: you may use regular hardware, for example, similar to that in mobile phones – it is all about ultrasonic sound. Such interface may be used in various electronic devices – movement sensors may either be connected via USB or be built in the “stuff”.
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