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Creative Advertisement Services


– the creative activity, aimed to promote an item (goods, services, companies) on the market, development and maintenance of loyalty to such item using non-standard concepts, creatively different ideas, methods and forms.

Creative advertisement sets a goal to attract the customer’s attention, to create the powerful image of the products, which stands out from all other similar competing products. High efficiency in a company’s advertisement is achieved due to a set of various advertisement tools, such as creative texts, taglines, unique graphic design, video, audio and other materials which advertising agency uses.
Advantages of creative advertising:

More vivid effect of the impact on the buyer than the standard methods of advertising;


The manifestation of interest is not in the sale of goods, but in the personal values of the consumer;


Information does not cause negative emotions and is not perceived as explicit advertising.

References of creative advertisement

Billboards designed as the models of children

Huge billboards, depicting children, were installed along one of the major highways in Mexico.

advertising agency
A Honda vehicle in the cereals box

A huge cereals box was positioned in Vancouver in 2012. A new Honda Civic was put inside as the prize. One of the creative ideas by advertising agency.

advertising agency
Angry Birds in reality

Advertising agency of T-Mobile used the image of the popular characters – Angry Birds – in its advertising campaign.

A tiger on the bus

“Come to the zoo before the zoo comes to you” — that’s how you can call the advertising campaign, for which images of animals were placed onto the buses.

Our services for production of creative advertisement

Creation of narrative for the advertising campaigns (TV, print media, outdoor advertisement);

Design development for printing production;

Advertisement development and modeling for print media;

Development and implementation of TV advertisement.

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